Eurover - Erecting the mast

How to safely erect and install the lifting mast of the Eurover column-lift ingredient bin lifter from Simpro.

Erecting the Eurovermast should only be carried out by authorized personnel, in accordance with the following procedures. The mast weighs in excess of 200kg and should be handled with caution at all times.

The Eurover mast is supplied detached from the bin cradle and arms, and should be erected and mounted to the ground first.

  1. Remove all packaging from the Eurover.
  2. Remove the cover that shields the lifting screw to prevent it being damaged by the sling.
  3. Using a crane or lifting device and a sling rated for at least 500kg, affix a sling to the upper end of the mast, just short of where the tipping profile is mounted. 
  4. Lift the machine off the pallet enough to install the tipping profile. This will prevent the sling from sliding up and causing damage to the motor box.
  5. Using a 19mm spanner, tighten the two M16 bolts that hold the profile onto the mast.
  6. Now continue to lift the mast to vertical with your crane or lifting device.

  7. Take care when lifting that the sling does not interfere with the top limit microswitch.
  8. Once you have the machine vertical you can move it into position and fasten to the ground as per the instruction manual with 4 x M16 bolts.