Multi-Tip - Adjusting the lowering speed

The pressure-compensating lowering valveThe pressure-compensating lowering valve
How to adjust the cradle descent speed on a Simpro Multi-Tip bin lifter, by adjusting the pressure-compensating lowering valve.

Tools required

  1. Phillips Screwdriver for the outer cover


  1. Remove the main front panel on the body of the Multi-Tip
  2. Locate the hydraulic pressure-compensating lowering valve, which will be inline on the hydraulic line going from the powerpack to the hydraulic ram – shown in the picture below.The lowering valve is located inline on the hydraulic line running from the powerpack to the ram
  3. Turn the adjustment knob anti-clockwise, to restrict the flow of oil back to the powerpack.
  4. Test-run the machine – note it is possible to restrict the flow so much that the bin will not return at all. If this happens, turn the knob clockwise again to increase the flow.