Ezi-MT - Replacing the winch

How to remove and replace the winch on the Simpro Ezi-MT bin lifter.

Removal and replacement

  1. Raise the cradle about 800mm off the ground.
  2. Loosen the 4mm grub screw holding the shaft collar onto the end of the cradle axle, and remove the shaft collar.
  3. Slide the entire cradle off the axle. It is recommended that this operation is carried out by two people.
  4. Lie the entire machine over onto its ‘front’ or tipping face (so the tipping guide frame is resting on the ground)
  5. Unwind the winch so the sliding block can come out of the bottom of the mast, and unhook the strap from the sliding block. 
  6. Undo the 12mm bolt securing the ‘top roller’ at the top of the mast, and remove the roller and spacer washers.
  7. Pull the strap out through the hole at the top of the mast.
  8. Undo the two 10mm bolts holding the winch onto the mast, and remove the winch.
  9. Install the new winch using the same bolts, flat and spring washers.
  10. Feed the new strap back through the hole in the mast, taking care that it is not twisted or tangled.
  11. Refit the top roller so it will pass beneath the new strap. The mounting bolt should be only nipped tight, to ensure the roller can turn freely inside the mast.
  12. Pull the new strap down the mast and hook it onto the sliding block, again making sure it is not twisted.
  13. Re-insert the sliding block into the mast, while turning the winch to take up slack in the strap.
  14. Stand the machine back upright, then refit the cradle and shaft collar.
  15. Check operation carefully before restoring the machine to service.