Dumpmaster - Assembly Guide

How to assemble a Simpro Dumpmaster bin lifter which has been shipped in a dismantled state.


  1. Remove all paperwork from the consignment and then all wrapping and strapping from the machine and parts.The Dumpmaster is sometimes shipped dismantled and palletised
  2. Undo the ties holding the guards to the machine and put the guarding parts to one side. If you received more than one machine the serial number of the machine will be written on each of the guarding parts, so they can be placed into separate piles.The serial numbers are written onto the parts
  3. Don't cut the strap which holds the cradle down until you have the unit standing upright. This is to prevent the chains from becoming slack and the causing them to slip out of the top roller groove.
  4. Pick up the left hand side guard which has a base with no spigot. Slide the top of the guard onto the pin on the frame and then slide it down so that the bottom pin goes into the hole in the base member.Attaching the left guard panel
  5. Put in the castor bolt and spring washer through the hole in the baseplate and the frame and hold it in place and tighten the bolt firmly.Attaching the left castor wheel
  6. Check that the castor wheel turns easily
  7. Repeat for the opposite side.Attaching the right guard panel
  8. Lay the door on top of the side guard panels, locating the bottom of the door onto the hinge pin.Attaching the door
  9. Place the 'U-Bar' in position.Placing the upper U-bar into position
  10. Fasten the 'U-Bar' to the side guards with screws.Fastening the U-bar with screws
  11. Attach the remaining castor wheel.Fitting the remaining castor wheel
  12. The machine can now be stood upright. (Note that you may require two persons or a lifting device to do this.)Carefully stand the machine upright
  13. Once the machine is standing, check that the door opens and shuts properly and that the lock holds shut.Check the door opens, shuts and locks properly
  14. To access the battery you will need to remove the powerpack cover and connect the battery if it was not supplied connected. You will also need to remove the powerpack cover so that the door lock cable can be connected.Remove the powerpack cover
  15. On models manufactured from 2016 onwards, there will be a cable with two plugs coming out of the guard panel that is nearest to the powerpack. This connects the IDEC Door Lock system.Connect the wires for the IDEC door lock system
  16. Feed this cable and plug through the hole in the base frame...Feed the IDEC wires and plug through this hole in the Dumpmaster frame
  17. ...and out this side...Pull the wires though this hole in the Dumpmaster frame
  18. Now connect the two '4-way' plugs together. You can ignore the '3-way' plug on the cable that runs to the lock.Connect the 4-way plugs to enable the IDEC lock
  19. Wrap the excess length of the cable loosely around the motor so that it cannot slip free and hang out the bottom of the machine. Take care to ensure that the cable is out of the way of the covers as these are reinstated.Tidy the excess cable by wrapping around it around the powerpack
  20. The lock serves a dual purpose, it is both a "Switch" and a "Lock". By default, we ship the machines with the locking mechanism deactivated (in the UNLOCK position), this allows users to open the door at anytime. This is because the lock requires "power to release" and of course during shipping, while the machines are powered off, it is necessary to be able to open the door during packing and unpacking. This means that unless you activate the lock using the yellow manual override key, then the lock will only be functioning as a door switch. The below steps show how to activate the lock:
    1. The IDEC door lock has a triangle aperture for the manual over-ride key.
    2. Use the plastic override key to manually release the IDEC lock.Use the plastic override key to manually release the IDEC lock
  21. Tap the remaining plastic end-caps into the Dumpmaster frame.Inserting a plastic end-cap into the frame
  22. Now the strap holding the cradle may be cut.Cutting the strap holding the Dumpmaster cradle in place
  23. Turn the Dumpmaster on and check that the cradle travels the full cycle without sticking or rubbing.
  24. Check the operation of all controls and operations including brakes, charger, safety button operation and key.
  25. The Dumpmaster is now fully operational and ready for use.

Ensure that all persons who are going to operate the machine have completed the User Training Questionnaire.

The pressure/weight capacity is factory set and should not be adjusted without prior consent from the manufacturer

The Dumpmaster does not need grease inside the mast or tip guide; a light silicone spray is sufficient.