Multi-Tip - Replacing the electric motor

How to remove and refit the 12VDC electric motor fitted to the Simpro Multi-Tip bin lifter.

The motor used on the standard Multi-Tip is an 800 watt, series-wound type. It has 4 brushes which wear down over time; as they are difficult and time-consuming to replace, it is usually better to fit a complete new motor.

Positive supply to the motor comes through the relay mounted on the side of the motor. Negative is permanently connected to the motor terminal.


  1. Remove the entire power pack as described in Hydraulic Power Pack.
  2. Undo the two cap screws holding the motor to the power pack and lift it away.
  3. Hold the power pack vertically to refit the the motor.
  4. Ensure the coupling engages correctly with the pump shaft and re-tighten the mounting screws.