Multi-Tip - Replacing the Motor Relay

How to test, remove and refit the electric motor relay fitted to the Simpro Multi-Tip bin lifter.


  1. Remove the box cover panel. The relay is mounted on top of the motor.
  2. The relay should ‘click’ when the ‘Raise’ and ‘Safety’ buttons are pressed. If there is no sound, check that there is a positive signal on the blue wire when the Raise and Safety buttons are pressed, and that the black wire has a negative connection. If a signal is present but the relay does not ‘click’, it may have a faulty winding. If no signal is present, check the wiring and switches in the control head.
  3. If the relay ‘clicks’ but the motor does not run, hold a screwdriver across the two large terminals on the relay. If the motor runs now, the contacts inside the relay are probably faulty and it should be replaced. If it still does not run, the fault is probably either the battery or the motor itself.

Removal and Refitting

  1. Disconnect the switching wires and cables from the relay, noting their position for correct replacement.
  2. Remove the screws or band clamp holding the relay on to the motor.
  3. Replace the relay, reconnect the wires and test.