Multi-Tip - Clearing a blocked ram port

How to clear a blocked hydraulic ram port on a Simpro Multi-Tip bin lifter.

The following procedure should only be used if the ram port is slightly out of alignment with the supply port.


  1. Raise the cradle approximately 300mm, and sit it back down on some timber packing, or nail boxes.
  2. Remove the outer power-pack cover (leave the wiring loom connected at this stage), and the bottom half of the ram cover.
  3. One person should stand on a platform or strong step-ladder and press the end of the ram up, while another holds the Lower button on the control panel, until the ram is fully retracted. When it is, the wiring loom can be disconnected and the outer cover lifted away.
  4. Release the 2 connecting links holding the end of the chains to the adjusting bolts. Use a piece of wire to hold the chains down; it can be very difficult to feed them back through the top rollers if they get away. Mark the adjusting bolt to ensure they are reassembled the same way, and remove them.
  5. Undo the swivel fitting from the elbow on the power-pack.
  6. Undo the hose-clamp around the bottom of the ram body, and carefully lift the ram down (this is probably a 2-man job).
  7. Pull the spear right out of the pipe, and lay to one side, taking care that the chrome is not damaged.
  8. Unscrew the hydraulic tube from the ram, and lay aside, taking care that no foreign matter can get in.
  9. Make a centre-punch mark 13mm back from the flat face of the port and drill straight down with a 3mm drill bit. Drill right through the port, and into the ram pipe.
  10. Countersink the hole just drilled then put a small puddle of weld to seal it off.
  11. Carefully clean out any swarf with compressed air; it may be advisable to pour some petrol or turps down the ram pipe and shake the ram around, to ensure no swarf is stuck in oil at the bottom.
  12. Replace the spear in the ram pipe.
  13. Using thread-seal tape or compound, wind the hydraulic tube back in.
  14. Mount the ram back up, with the chain adjusting bolts each side of the block on the mast, and secure it with the hose-clamp.
  15. Reconnect the chains and the bottom end of the hydraulic tube. Connect the wiring loom from the outer cover, and press the Raise button until the cradle lifts off the supports. Remove the supports, and test-run the machine. If the speed is as it should be, refit the ram cover and the outer power-pack cover.