Multi-Tip - Replacing the cradle carrier

How to remove and replace the bin cradle carrier on a Simpro Multi-Tip bin lifter.


  1. Raise cradle to midway point, undo 30mm shaft collar with 3/16 Allen key and remove. Pull cradle off axle away from the mast.
  2. Lower cradle carrier and axle to the ground using the down button, and switch the machine off. Remove the main motor box cover, remover tank filler cap and plug with bronze cap to prevent oil leaking.
  3. Remove the upper and lower ram covers. Keep parts in a safe place until ready to assemble again.
  4. Carefully lie the machine over onto its front, so the main box is down. (Caution - may need two people!)
  5. Release the chain adjustment nyloc nut under the main ram location bracket with a 17mm socket. (Count the number of turns, so it can be replaced exactly.)
  6. Slide cradle carrier and chain out the bottom of the mast.
  7. Take this opportunity to clean the mast and apply a light coating of silicone spray.


  1. Slide new cradle carrier into mast. Chain hook must be at the bottom, with the chain running up the centre of carrier and axle hole facing out. Slide carrier up and down the mast to check it runs freely.
  2. The new cradle carriers have more clearance off the mast and new blocks have a more accurate shape – you may still need to lightly file the faces of the blocks if the carrier is tight but this should be kept to a minimum.
  3. Once satisfied, loop chain over ram roller and insert adjustment bolt into hole in ram location bracket and re tighten the nyloc nut. (Tighten same number of turns as to release)
  4. Stand machine up again, insert the new axle into the carrier bar and fasten with 2x M10 x 30 bolts and washers.
  5. Remove tank plug and replace with breathable filler cap. Switch machine on and lift ram to mid height.
  6. Slide cradle over axle and push up firmly, ensuring guide roller is in the correct track and replace and tighten 30mm shaft collar.
  7. Run the machine up and down to ensure correct operation – you may need to adjust the shaft collar position if cradle is pushing out at any point and causing it to friction jam.
  8. Replace all covers and give final quality check.