Recommended Usage Precautions for the Crate Wizard

Crate Wizards are designed to be very easy and safe to use. However, the following commonsense precautions should always be followed:

  • Always keep feet and hands well clear of the arms and linkages when operating.
  • Never operate with any covers or guards removed.
  • Exercise Caution when operating on uneven or sloping ground.
  • Only trained and authorized operators should be permitted to use the machine.
  • Remove the key from the machine whenever it is not in use.
  • Operators must read and obey the instructions displayed on the machine
  • All persons other than the operator must keep well clear while the machine is in use.
  • Do not put feet under the side guards or arms.
  • Ensure power leads are in good condition; replace the lead if the insulation is damaged.
  • Ensure the supply socket is fitted with a residual current device.
  • Do not connect plugs and sockets if they are damp
  • Never operate on uneven or sloping ground (more than 1:12).
  • Never use a Crate Wizard on the edge of a truck dock.