Dumpmaster - Replacing the bin cradle

How to replace the bin cradle on a Simpro Dumpmaster bin lifter.

Tools required

  • Small Hammer
  • 4mm pin punch
  • 18mm spanner
  • 19mm spanner


  1. Completely lower the cradle until it is sitting on the ground
  2. Disconnect machine from power, and remove battery lockout key.
  3. Open the door and step inside onto the cradle.
  4. Using the hammer and the 4mm pin punch, tap the 4mm roll pin out of one side of the cradle lower axle
  5. Using the spanners, undo the M12 bolt holding the 50mm black roller on the tipping track, and remove the roller. The steel roller arm will hang downwards.
  6. Step off the cradle again, and slide the cradle sideways towards the side with the pin removed.
  7. The axle will come free of the sliding plate in the other side.
  8. The cradle can be pulled forwards, and slid back in the opposite direction.
  9. The axle will now be free on both sides of the machine, and the cradle can be removed.
  10. Re-fitting the new cradle is a reversal of the above process. Points to note:
    1. The ends of the axle should be lightly greased before insertion.
    2. The axles should have a plastic and a steel washer on the outside of the 4mm roll pin before insertion.

Exploded diagram of the Dumpmaster cradle assembly