Dumpmaster - Altering the length of the lifting chains

How alter the length of the lifting chains on a Simpro Dumpmaster bin lifter.


  1. This task is easier if the cradle is supported in position as high as possible, to release as much chain as possible to work with.
    1. Ideally, the cradle should be raised fully, and then securely supported with a crane, hoist, forklift, or similar means.
    2. Alternatively, tie the cradle to the top frame with a load-binder or similar.
  2. Remove the sheet-metal Ram Cover.
  3. Release the connecting links holding the chains to the chain adjusting bolts, or make a note of how far the nuts are wound onto the adjusting bolts, and remove them.

Lengthening the chains

Note: Standard connecting links cannot be fitted if they will  need to go through the ram-end rollers, so we generally recommend  hammering standard links back together. Links must be added as inner and outer pairs.

  1. Add the desired length of chain to the existing chain using an outer link, hammered back together.
  2. Ensure the outer links are tight against the inner links, and the pins protrude evenly through both sides.

Shortening the chains

  1. Ideally, use a chain-breaker to press the pins out of the selected outer link. If a chain-breaker is not available, the outer end of the pins may be ground off, and the pins hit through with a pin punch and hammer.
  2. Re-connect the chains to the adjusting bolts, or replace the Nyloc nuts, ensuring they are adjusted to the same position as they were.
  3. Lower the cradle so the weight is taken by the chains again, then press the Lower button to let it down to the ground.
  4. Check that the cradle is sitting level and adjust if necessary.
  5. When all is OK, refit the ram cover.